CT Guided Spinal Injection

CT-guided cortisone injections of nerves in the back or neck can be a safe and effective way to conservatively manage chronic back and neck pain conditions. The injections can be administered to achieve nerve block (perineural injections) or in the epidural space (epidural injections). If there is mechanical back pain due to degenerative conditions of the facet joints, CT-guided facet joint injections can also be performed.

Our doctors specialise in CT-guided perineural corticosteroid injections, epidural and facet joint injections. We ensure that these procedures are done under strict Australian standards using the latest equipment and the most current treatment guidelines. If you require multiple injections, our staff will be very happy to assist you in making sequential bookings.

For these procedures, the patient is usually required to lie on their belly inside the CT scanner. The radiologist then performs a quick scan to determine the approach and length of the needle. After administration of local anaesthetic, a needle is carefully advanced into the desired spot under direct CT guidance. An injection of corticosteroid and local anaesthetic is then given to be affected area.

The patient is observed in the radiology department for the following 30 minutes in order to ensure that no side effect has occurred. After this time, the patient is usually discharged home. Post procedural instructions as well as a pain diary is given to the patient to keep track of their progress.

CT-guided injections are also an effective way to treat osteoarthritis of the large joints such as hip, shoulder or knee. Again, a mixture of steroid and local anaesthetic is usually administered within the affected joint under direct CT guidance. These procedures are safe, accurate and have a high rate of success.