Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection

Platelet Rich Plasma injection is a relatively new technique where an extract of the patient’s own blood is injected back into the affected tissue to promote inflammation and subsequent healing. On the day of the procedure, a small sample of the patient’s own blood is collected and sent to the laboratory to separate the plasma from the cells.

Once received, this plasma is then injected into the affected area by the radiologist under direct ultrasound guidance. Evidence suggests that the plasma contains healing nutrients and promotes inflammation and subsequent healing. This procedure is usually reserved for those who do not respond to conventional corticosteroid therapies. This injection has also been found to be beneficial in those who have suffered structural damage such as muscle tear and tendon injury.

As the patient’s own blood product is injected back, the risk of allergic reaction is very minimal. In most cases, complete healing is achieved within a few weeks. Sometimes, a repeat injection may be necessary.