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When it comes to diagnosing disease, an injury or initiating the needful medical procedures, accurate medical imaging is of utmost importance. We understand its relevance, and that’s why we have established CareScan, your local Ingleburn radiology centre.

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As medical professionals dedicated to your well-being, we take pride in providing all our clients with accurate imaging solutions. We undertake each test in a systematic and detailed manner and leave no room for miscalculations of any kind.

  • We only engage with properly trained staff.
  • All our equipment is up-to-date and is regularly maintained.
  • We are a trusted, reliable, and accredited Medical Imaging Centre in Ingleburn.
  • Our staff is not just skilled but also empathetic in their approach. You can expect the assistance of a kind and helpful team at our imaging centre.

CareScan Ingleburn Radiology Services

Ultrasound Scan in Ingleburn

Have you been recommended an Ultrasound scan by your physician and are now looking for in Ingleburn? If yes, look no further as we are fully equipped to conduct the scan with our trained staff and advanced Ultrasound machines.

An ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of your internal organs and provide needful information for the diagnosis of several digestive and abdomen related issues like:

  • Cysts in the liver, pancreas, or spleen
  • Gallstones
  • Fatty liver
  • Abnormal enlargement of the spleen
  • Liver cancer
  • Monitor the growth of the baby in pregnant women.

Whatever might be the reason for which your physician suggested you have an ultrasound, we at CareScan, your trusted Ingleburn radiology centre, we make sure to undertake it with complete precision.

CT Scan in Ingleburn

A CT scan or Computed Tomography is a medical imaging technique that develops detailed X-ray images of the human body for diagnostic purposes.

CT scan can aid in:

  • The diagnosis of muscle and bone disorders.
  • Finding the right procedure for surgery, biopsy and radiation therapy.
  • Detecting the location of a tumour, infection or blood clot.
  • Detecting diseases like cancer, heart disease, lung nodules and liver masses.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of certain treatments.

At CareScan, we conduct CT scans while undertaking the proper safety measures and with constant monitoring to ensure optimum diagnosis. So, if you are looking for an efficient and affordable CT scan in Ingleburn

X-Ray Scan in Ingleburn

X-Ray is a quick medical imaging technique that produces black and white images of your internal tissues, organs, and bones.

An X-ray can aid in:

  • Identifying fractures and muscle injuries.
  • Revealing bone tumours.
  • Measuring bone density.
  • Diagnosing kidney stones.
  • Diagnosing cavities.

X-ray is one of the most commonly conducted medical imaging techniques and involves the use of specialised equipment under expert care. So, for an X-ray Scan/X-ray in Ingelburn, you don’t have to go anywhere farther from us at CareScan. Visit us at our clinic and have all your X-ray procedures undertaken by our expert staff.

Cortisone Injections in Ingleburn

At CareScan, we are not just licensed Ingleburn radiology but are also licensed to administer Cortisol injections. They are prescribed by physicians to relieve excessive pain and inflammation in a specific area of your body, including the ankle, knee, shoulder, hip, spine, elbow or wrist.

Cortisone shots, if not administered properly, could lead to several complications and, therefore, should never be undertaken by inexperienced hands. So, if you have been prescribed these shots and are now looking for a medical professional to first administer and then monitor cortisone shots in Ingleburn, you can consult us at CareScan.

Sports Imaging Ingleburn Radiology

Sports imaging is a technique that monitors those organs which are most commonly injured by sports personnel and detects any visible injuries or hidden ones that need proper treatment.

Sports injuries include:

  • Muscle, tendon or ligament injuries
  • Stress fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Subacromial bursitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinopathy

With sports imaging, you can timely detect all of these injuries and start the corresponding treatment.

Our team at CareScan is properly versed with all sport imagining techniques and is, therefore, fully equipped to deliver Sports Imaging in Ingleburn.

OPGIngleburn Radiology

An OPG scan reveals the structure and layout of your teeth to detect oral conditions and recommend the right treatment procedure. It is an X-Ray of your bones, teeth, and upper and lower jaws.

Several oral conditions that can be detected using an OPG scan are:

  • Oral infections and fractures
  • Gum disease
  • Dislocated jaws
  • Hidden decay or cavities
  • Tumours and cysts
  • Abnormal tooth development.
  • Wisdom teeth development

So, if your dentist recommended an OPG scan and you are looking for a medical imaging centre near Ingleburn, you can visit us at CareScan and ensure proper diagnosis using advanced technology.

DEXA Scan Ingleburn Radiology

A DEXA scan also known as a Body scan is used to determine bone density and detect the risk of health conditions like osteoporosis. Low bone density means your bones have grown weak and are at risk of breaking. So, a DEXA scan allows you to identify it and undertake the proper medical procedure to increase your bone density. Another common use of this technology is to access body fat percentage

As per the National Osteoporosis Foundation, women above the age of 65 and men above the 70 are mostly at the risk of osteoporosis and, therefore, should undertake a DEXA scan.

So, if you or your loved ones fall under this category, come to our clinic and conduct a DEXA or body scan in Ingleburn. As prevention is better than cure, make sure that low bone density is timely diagnosed and doesn’t develop into a big hurdle in your life.


On average, a CT scan takes around 10-30 minutes, and it is one of those tests where you can receive the reports almost immediately. The duration of the test depends upon the body part which is being scanned. A normal scan without intravenous contrast takes around 10 minutes, and with IV contrast, it can go up to 30 minutes.

An ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of your internal organs and provides needful information for the diagnosis of several digestive and abdomen related issues like Cysts in the liver, pancreas, or spleen, Gallstones or Fatty liver. It is also used to monitor the growth of the baby in pregnant women.

As ultrasound makes use of low-sound waves, it is completely safe and doesn’t negatively impact your body in any way.

The cost of a pregnancy ultrasound in Ingleburn would depend upon how far along you are in your pregnancy journey.

  • Less than 12 weeks: $240
  • 12-16 weeks: $320
  • 17-22 weeks: $350
  • More than 22 weeks: $340

You can claim a certain amount as your medical rebate. To know more, you can ask your medical professional.

Like other scans, a DEXA scan is completely painless, irrespective of the body part where it is conducted. It takes around 10-30 minutes and is performed while you lie on your back on a flat X-ray table. Also, in most cases, you can undergo the complete procedure while fully clothed.


For most of the examinations, you do not need an appointment, simple just walk in.

However, for CT Scan and Ultrasound examination making an appointment is highly recommended.

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