Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound examination is often performed in conjunction with a 3D tomosynthesis study. It acts as an excellent complement to the mammography examination. In younger women, a breast ultrasound study can be performed by itself. There is no radiation involved in a breast ultrasound examination.

The breast ultrasound examination has the unique advantages of being able to differentiate between solid and liquid filled breast lumps. It is also able to accurately assess the blood supply of an abnormal region. The skin and subcutaneous soft tissues are better assessed through an ultrasound examination.

The breast ultrasound study usually involves assessment of the axillae (the armpits). Abnormal enlarged lymph nodes are readily detectable by a breast ultrasound study.

The breast ultrasound study is safe, quick, inexpensive, and highly accurate in the hands of an experienced operator.

At CareScan, our sonographers and radiologists are actively involved in performing breast ultrasound examinations. Abnormal findings are usually double checked with the specialist and communicated promptly to your referring doctor.